Remote Accounting Teams

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We are specialists in project-based, professional service firms.  

Before starting finally, we worked in firms just like yours.  We started this because we believe small firms need access to better financial management.  

Growing a successful business is hard.  Likely you have a bookkeeper and a tax accountant.  Or an in-house accountant and tax accountant.

But neither of these people know what good looks like for a firm like yours.  Things like staff cost ratios and realization rates; revenue per headcount and accrual accounting for businesses that do a lot of pre-billing.

Lucky for you, this is all we do. Our experience allows us to hit the ground running.  We lower the risk in moving to a new accounting solution because we’ve done this so many times before. We understand your systems.  We’ve worked with teams like your team.  We know how you make money and where your bucket leaks.

What’s a Remote Accounting Team?

We assign a dedicated team to each client we serve that includes:

  • Finance Director or Fractional CFO
  • Project Accountant
  • General Accountant
  • Payroll and Benefits Administrator

This team will:

  • Benchmark your performance against best performing firms
  • Evaluate your systems and processes and make recommendations to streamline them
  • Implement changes to your systems and processes if required
  • Build your budget and manage updates
  • Turn your accounting data into insights through monthly financial reporting
  • Bill your clients and make sure you get paid!
  • Pay your suppliers
  • Prepare, file and pay your sales taxes
  • Pay your employees and manage your employee benefit program
  • Support your leadership team with analysis and decisions that affect your financial performance
  • Allow you to sleep better at night knowing this important part of your business is taken care of so seamlessly that you forget we’re not part of your full-time team