Bookkeeping and Financial Reporting

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Bookkeeping and Financial Reporting

When managing the finances becomes a barrier rather than a propeller of growth, it’s time to switch it up. Investing in a solution should ease your burden and create opportunities to thrive, and we’ve crunched the numbers to compare the cost of hiring an in-house vs a remote accounting team. By now, your list of needs is long but the budget to bring on a fully stacked team feels too high. Here’s the fine print on what’s even higher. Not knowing what to expect from your financial partner, how to properly onboard and train them, and no back-up plan should they suddenly leave.

We know the idea of bringing on a remote accounting department can sound like an overwhelming task – the last thing you need. Our onboarding is easier than you might think and before you know it, there is a team, your team, ready to get to work.

We resource our clients with dedicated team members who learn the nuances of your business as if they worked for your firm.  They are service-oriented, business savvy, and excellent communicators.  We wouldn’t dream of putting them in front of you or your clients if it were any other way.

Our specialized bookkeeping solution allows owners to invest in the financial infrastructure that creates a foundation for growth. You’ll get:

  • knowledge about how your business is performing
  • financial statements you can read & understand
  • industry experience
  • a dedicated resource
  • access to senior payroll & benefits support when you need it

What we deliver

  • monthly financial reporting – always know how your business and your clients are performing
  • billing your clients and making sure you get paid
  • entering your payables/credit card charges/employee expenses and making sure they get paid
  • bank and credit card reconciliations
  • sales tax filing
  • representing your business as if we worked for your business

Think you might be a good fit for Finally?

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Optional extras

  • payroll & benefits admin
  • annual budgeting
  • quarterly CFO calls to help your interpret your results and focus on priorities that will have biggest impact
  • Financial infrastructure optimization & SOP documentation

Discover if we’re the right solution for your growing business. It’s easier than you think to get us on board.