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Get the benefit of an experienced finance team on a project basis.  

Our advisory solutions were designed to solve some of the common problems we see across the clients we work with.

Finally Optimize

Quickbooks optimization for Agencies and Professional Service firms

Duration: Approximately 4 weeks
Location: Remote

This service is for firms who are using QBO but have not optimized it so that you can easily get insights from your accounting data.  After optimizing your QBO system, firm owners can expect to run custom reports in order to understand:

  • Fees earned by project and client level
  • Time spent by client vs. time billed by client
  • Your actual performance vs. your budgeted performance
  • Your performance Year-over-Year and Month-over-Month
  • How utilized your employees were
  • How well you’ve recovered third party costs incurred on behalf of your clients
  • How you are performing on key ratios for creative services businesses; Revenue/FTE, Staff Cost Ratios, Overhead Ratios, EBITDA ratios


  • Diagnostic Review and Summary Recommendations $1,000
  • Implementation of Optimizations – Hourly at $250/hour
  • Training of accounting team and post implementation support – $250/hour

Finally Understand

Financial Statement Review and Benchmarking

Duration: Approximately 4 weeks from the receipt of historical financial documents and payroll records
Location: Remote

This service is for firms with at least 3 years of results who are still not achieving the financial outcomes they had expected. This complete review will help firm owners understand where to optimize in order to improve performance over time.

A summary presentation delivered to your management team that will cover the following:

  • Benchmark your historical performance relative to best performing creative service firms
  • Summary recommendations to improve your financial performance
  • A one page scorecard on your historical financial performance in a format that your accountant can maintain going forward



50% due up front, balance due following presentation to leadership team.

Finally Thrive

Total Financial Review

Duration: Approximately 6 weeks from the receipt of historical financial documents and access to financial systems granted
Location: Remote

This service is designed specifically for professional service firms who seek a more thorough understanding of their:

  • Financial performance vs. what good could look like for a firm like theirs
  • Accounting ecosystem so that they can get better information from their accounting data
  • Their accounting business processes to ensure they are optimized for effectiveness
  • Accounting team to ensure roles and responsibilities make sense and an unbiased evaluation of their capability

A summary presentation will be delivered to your management team and will include:

  • All of the outcomes in Finally Understand
  • Summary recommendations on how to optimize your accounting ecosystem and accounting
  • Sample financial reporting to help you get a more actionable understanding of your operating performance
  • A SWOT analysis of your accounting team



50% due up front, balance due following presentation to leadership team.

Heather and her team helped transition our business accounting platform systems with relative ease. They took the time to get to know our small business, and with their extensive knowledge and sensibility have designed custom reports which assist us with budgeting, accountability and profitability. This has created a much better level of insight and understanding of our financials overall.  We truly appreciate the continued support of the finally team as we grow our agency’s business.

Shelley Mayer, CM, President, Ramp Communications