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A Comprehensive Guide to In-House Accounting vs. Outsourced Finance Teams

You’ve been debating which type of accounting solution best suits your needs for some time now, and may have experienced your fair share of trial-and-error already. If so, you’re ahead of the curve. Most business owners launch with no plan for a finance solution. Or a haphazard combination of in-house resources with an outsourced bookkeeper. Maybe that person is the owner themselves, or a bookkeeper. In truth, agencies and professional service firms require so much more than a single accountant can deliver.

An agency-focused remote accounting firm covers it all with its fractional approach to accounting. With this approach, you don’t just get a record-keeper. You get a whole accounting team for much less than you would pay hiring the same collection of skills in-house.  In other words: more bang for your buck.

There are a whole host of benefits you can expect from outsourced accounting services. In this white paper, we’ll go into detail about the following: 

  • The deliverables you can expect from an in-house accounting solution versus a remote accounting solution
  • Where you might be vulnerable to fraud and identity theft with an in-house solution
  • The benefits of a fractional approach to accounting
  • The value of an agency-focused financial partner that knows what “good” looks like

Download our white paper now to get equipped with the accounting knowledge necessary to make the call.