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What’s your pricing strategy?

Choosing the right pricing strategy for your businesses can be tough.

Your clients often have an unfair advantage when it comes to pricing. Typically they have whole teams, generally in procurement, who have spent their entire career learning about price, costs and value.

Thankfully there are some great resources out there on pricing creativity, value based pricing and pricing for professional services.


If you haven’t already, I encourage you to read some of the work published by Blair Enns, Tim Williams and Ron Baker on this subject.

Generally, there are three different ways to price.

1. Inputs: this is generally a time and materials approach. A good approach to ensure costs and overhead are captured but not well aligned with outcomes.

2. Deliverables: this is more about market value for the outputs you produce.

3. Value: this is less about inputs and deliverables and more about the value you create for your clients business.

Determining which of these options will help you reach your objectives requires serious consideration.

However, the stronger your positioning and more differentiated your offering, the more opportunities you’ll have to Value price.

When done well, Value pricing should lead to the most profitable outcome for your firm.

This post only scratches the surface on the myriad of pricing strategies out there and how to choose the one that’s best for your firm (we’ll dive more into that later)

But, whatever your pricing strategy, your goal should be to create a firm where the focus is on the results your firm delivers, vs. internally focused.

Take some risks.

Even small improvements to your pricing strategy will pay off over time.

At FIN/ALLY, we get it, pricing is difficult, and often uncomfortable. As part of our services, we will leverage our over 20 years of experience to provide your leadership team with the best strategic advice- influencing your business decisions and maximizing your profits