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Do you really need an In-House Accounting Team? Or, are you ready to maximize your profit potential?

Most businesses have been greatly impacted by COVID-19 in one way or another. And while we’re not on the other side of this pandemic yet, it’s not hard to imagine that the way we do business now and into the future has fundamentally changed. Some businesses have already adapted, quickly shifting their business models to an online platform, offering services virtually, and creating new services to meet the changing needs of their clients. 

However, it’s clear that we’re headed into a recession and that the businesses that will continue to not only survive but thrive will have this in common – great financial systems and practices in place. 

The quality and speed with which your firm makes good decisions has and will have a big impact on how your business performs.  This is true in normal circumstances and even more so in what is likely to be recessionary times. Investing in proper financial infrastructure and solid advisory services is more important now than ever.

But we know that good finance isn’t cheap. The kind of finance partner that truly understands the problem you solve, your customers and your employees.  

But can your small business really afford good finance help?  Or are you limiting your firm’s potential by not getting the most value from your finance department?

 The answer is yes, on both fronts. 

 With Cloud based technology and tools, providers are able to work from anywhere, making quality, affordable financial help accessible to even small creative firms. Actually, with the right people and systems in place, your firm can become more profitable and with less overhead. 

 A good finance solution in creative businesses will:

  • Translate accounting data into business insights so you can make better business decisions;
  • Ensure your firm has the cash available to grow;
  • Protect your risks;
  • Provide regular visibility to key metrics like staff cost ratios, client profitability, realization rates etc.;
  • Know what good looks like given their industry experience and help your business get there; and
  • Take care of the day to day accounting so effortlessly you almost don’t even know they are there.

The options with cloud-based technology are endless. You can tailor a solution that works best for your firm from pure bookkeeping to our model, where you buy experts in the financial management of creative businesses who will also take care of your bookkeeping and day-to-day financial needs. An affordable solution is out there. 

In fact, the right solution and finance partner will ensure that the value they create far exceeds what they will cost you.

 At Finally, we have a range of financial packages available and ready to implement. But we know this is a big decision, so let us make it easier  by showing you where you’re limiting your profit potential.