Is your accounting solution LEAN?

Almost everyone has heard of the LEAN method. It’s a process used to create more effective businesses by eliminating wasteful practices and improving efficiency. It focuses on delivering what customers want and value and improves overall profitability. We’ve seen LEAN methods applied across the board and it is used most often in process improvement, development, […]

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3 Common Pitfalls we see in Small Creative Firm Bookkeeping

Here’s the good news, most firm owners recognize the importance of financial management and have an accounting solution in place. The bad news, even with a solution in place firm owners are not always getting the best information and unfortunately, they don’t even know it! In my experience, there are three common pitfalls that we […]

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What’s your pricing strategy?

Choosing the right pricing strategy for your businesses can be tough. Your clients often have an unfair advantage when it comes to pricing. Typically they have whole teams, generally in procurement, who have spent their entire career learning about price, costs and value. Thankfully there are some great resources out there on pricing creativity, value […]

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