How One Creative Consulting Firm Outsourced Their Bookkeeping and Won Back Their Time and Peace of Mind

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Learn how one creative firm gained insight into their company’s financial health by outsourcing their bookkeeping to experts and creating space for the leadership team to focus on all-important company growth.

The Finally team has completely transformed our financial processes, exceeding all expectations of how impactful this transformation would be. Not only did they save us time, but they freed up mental space. We can rest easy knowing that our financial system is working and working extremely well. And it doesn’t hurt that the entire team is friendly, responsive, and supportive.

Shawn Topp, Co-Founder, AndSo

AndSo’s Primary Business Problem

AndSo is a writer-led creative consultancy launched in 2021. As they grew, the leadership team needed support to formalize their financial process (e.g., invoicing, bookkeeping, and forecasting). Outsourcing their financial management would allow the team to focus their efforts on growth while ensuring their finances were managed efficiently.  They also wanted to gain a clearer picture of their financial health, and separate themselves from managing client relationships and chasing payments.

Until they started working with Finally, they had a single accounting solution: one of the agency’s founders did all their bookkeeping and forecasting. He had no prior bookkeeping experience, and regularly producing reports and invoices was distracting him from all of the hats he wears as a co-founder of an early stage agency.  Moreover, he recognized that in order to make important decisions, he needed to learn how to interpret his financial statements.

AndSo’s Accounting Goals

The founders realized that instead of spending their time bookkeeping, they could create more value for the business by focusing on growth and client and employee development. The company had three goals:

  • Timeliness: For a business like theirs, it’s critical to bill their clients on time, pay their suppliers promptly and make sure their agency gets paid on time. 
  • Insight: Founders needed better visibility into their company’s actual performance and future performance to make more informed decisions, quickly
  • Better Client Relationships: The founders felt uncomfortable in the role of good cop/bad cop, asking clients for more work and chasing them for payments. Keeping the business-generator role and bookkeeping role separate was best.

Finally turned out to be the ideal outsourced accounting solution that could readily achieve AndSo’s goals.

How Finally Helped Them Get There

Almost immediately after they partnered with Finally:

  • Finally handled all invoicing, payments of suppliers, payroll, financial reporting and budgeting for the business
  • A significant chunk of the founders’ day-to-day time freed up
  • AndSo’s founders had better insights about their business that allowed them to feel prepared for the future

With Finally, AndSo got their time back and found perspective into the true health of their finances. At long last, the founders had peace of mind, “knowing that this part of their business was in capable hands.”
Not sure what bookkeeping solution you need? We can help you figure it out. Reach out today to talk about your company’s financial goals.