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What’s that name all about, anyways?

At Finally, we get it. You work hard at your business. Your growth proves it!

You’re now focused on building upon that success and growing your business. You don’t have time to exhaust all of your creative energy managing your business finances. We understand.

Growing a successful business takes a village! A village of allies to help with sales, marketing, operations, and FINANCE!

Help is out there.

Traditional part-time CFO services and bookkeeping options exist. But, in my experience, these solutions do not provide both the strategic and tactical value that a modern growing business needs to succeed.

At Finally, we strive to close that gap in the marketplace by offering a customized solution that meets the financial needs of today’s modern businesses.


Well, it’s two-fold:

  • First and foremost we are your Finance Ally – we will guide your firm to be financially successful, while at the same time taking care of your day to day financial needs.

  • Secondly, we symbolize “relief” – the ability for entrepreneurs to get both strategic advice and tactical finance in ONE solution at a fixed monthly fee that is accessible to growing firms.

At Finally, we are more than accountants. We are entrepreneurs too. We get you and your business. Let us leverage our over 20 years of experience working in creative businesses to your creative business.

We are invested in your financial success, so let’s get started!