About You

The Ace Up the Sleeve for Agencies in The Know.

Working with Finally is a collaboration between growth-minded, savvy business leaders who recognize the value of healthy financials, and a team of highly trained, service-focused management accountants who know exactly how to make that happen.

Smaller firms have the same needs as larger ones, with substantially less resources to manage them. The cost of a finance team may seem too expensive, but the question is – what is the cost of not having one?

We’re not afraid to lay all our cards on the table in service of avoiding the below pitfalls.

  • Measuring the wrong metrics for your business can stunt growth
  • Systems that don’t perform to their potential that wastes time with no single source of truth.
  • Not billing and collecting payments on time from your clients impacts cash flow.
  • Profitability is at risk if you are spending too much money on freelance resources and not future-focussed planning.
  • Regularly paying your suppliers late because you haven’t managed your cash well can cause reputational damage.

Our solution has been intentionally designed to replicate the experience of an in-house team, on a fractional basis but with exponentially more return (and a lot more fun). Our fees scale to your size and are comparable to hiring an in-house accountant, but the depth and breadth of our specialized experience adds an incomparable dimension to the “is it worth it?” math.

Why Us

We know how agencies work and what they need to grow because we’ve been there, on the inside and in lock step with driven founders that have big goals. From big public agencies, private equity-owned agencies and large independents, we understand how you make money.  How you spend your money. How to keep more of the money you make.

Beyond functional excellence, our goal is your peace of mind.